Western Mass Network: See the below important message.  I will be in touch with network and WMIC members via email to coordinate response to this request for the Western Mass region.  From Bob Pulster:

Hello all,

As we have now executed contracts, I am processing initial payments to each region, which you will be receiving shortly. The paperwork for these payments will be processed by DHCD next week.  As stated in the contract, the initial payment amount is 25% of the direct client allocations or line B on your contract budget.  You will also be able to begin invoicing and we will be providing additional detail on this process soon. 

 So now that we have lift-off, I need to provide the community and general public with information about how folks in need of services may access your network.  I know that each network has proposed new coordinated “client access points.”  These are the names titles, telephone numbers, emails, etc. that I would like to make available asap not only from the Commonwealth but out to your region as well.  Providing this info in a planned and thoughtful way will meet our goal of being transparent and accessible — so this a big first step. 

 I know you understand that when these calls are answered we expect an approach that attempts to provide the right resource at the right time.  Our “no wrong door” strategy is now becoming operational.  I understand that we must provide the necessary preparation and training for those on the front line and all who are involved in this roll out.  So, I want to be sure that you are ready with a clear message that your network is fully present and ready to connect families and individuals with appropriate resources. 

 As we have discussed, historically many who seek assistance are routed to many doors — often unsuccessfully — to get help.  Our mission is a fresh attempt to do better by advising and counseling clients on how we can be of assistance and not how we cannot.  I know you understand this and are ready to go to work. 

 We could not do this system change work without your commitment and dedication so thank you for all you are doing to support this new vision. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

 Robert Pulster, Executive Director, Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness

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