ICHH Director Liz Curtis sent along ICHH policy and practice recommendations concerning regional network and cross agency issues.

From Liz’ email:

These recommendations for action come from a variety of sources, including the Homeless Commission in 2008 and ICHH working groups over the last year or so. Many of these recommendations helped form the framework put forth in the ICHH’s RFR to which you each responded. I wanted to share this with you as a way to help you see how the ICHH and its partners at the statewide level have thought about the Networks over time, and some of what they would like to see coming out of your efforts. You’ll also notice that many of the items listed here are things that you already are working on and others that we have talked about as a group. I hope to continue to provide support to each of you as needed to accomplish the goals on this list.I ask that you review these and think about ways in which your Network can advance the agenda. I attempted to begin providing status updates on the spreadsheet in those cases where I knew of efforts off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are things here you are working on that I may not know about. If you’d like to provide any further information for any status updates, please shoot me an email or call me and I can add it in. I’m excited to continue providing the ICHH with the updates on all the work you’ve taken on and your accomplishments.

One last note: you’ll see that I’ve included a priority ranking (high, medium, low) for each recommendation. This is draft only, and is meant only to help begin to prioritize. Feasibility of implementation was taken into account, but, of course, priority level could change over time. All of the items listed are important to the ICHH to at the very least explore, if not fully implement.

I hope you find this information helpful in understanding the ICHH’s goals and interests. There are many other recommendations not included here that relate to particular state agencies (e.g., those relevant to DHCD, DMH, DOC, etc.). If you are interested in seeing those as well, I can send you the entire list.

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