A message from Jeff Naylor of Homes for  Families:

The creation of next years state budget (FY2011), which is now beginning, will be a difficult process, especially for affordable housing programs and other programs that assist our families. Properly funding these programs depends on sufficient state revenue. The FY2010 process was not pleasant, and FY 2011 will be worse.

Throughout October and early November, the Revenue Committee (a joint committee of state representatives and senators) is holding open hearings about revenue. I would highly encourage any shelter providers near these hearings to attend with their families and discuss the need to protect affordable housing for homeless families. This year it is critical that our elected officials hear and know the needs of our families.  The meetings are listed below:

Pittsfield – Tax Policy as a Tool for Economic Development
October 20th
10:00am to 12:00pm
Berkshire Community College

Cambridge – Tax Policy and Working Families
November 5th
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Harvard Kennedy School of Government – JFK Jr. Forum

Please contact me with any questions.

Jeffrey Naylor

Community Organizer for Housing First

Homes for Families, Inc.

14 Beacon St. Suite 615

Boston, MA 02108

[email protected]

Phone: 617-227-4188

Fax: 617-523-1553

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