Today, the Network submitted its second quarterly report to ICHH, summarizing its progress from July through September, 2009.  Links to the submitted documents are provided below.

In summary, over these last three months:

  • The Network awarded a total of $889,000 in  funds to 11 provider agencies across the region.  The contracts are signed, the funds are mostly disbursed and the provision of  services to families and individuals has just begun.
  • The Network membership affirmed its decisionmaking and committee structure, finalizing the composition of the Leadership Council’s Steering Committee and the existence of the following committees:  Individual Services, Family Services, Data and Performance Measurement and Community Engagement.  All Committees are meeting or about to meet and are actively pursuing their agendas.  Efforts are also underway to create a Consumer Advisory Group.
  • Through the work of the Family Services Committee, all family service providers agreed on uniform guidelines for distribution of ICHH assistance; and on the use of a uniform release form to enhance collaboration and maximum use of resources for a family in crisis.   Intake and assessments of  potential families to be served are underway.
  • Shelter diversion collaboration  between Hampden County providers and their  DTA/DHCD offices  has begun.
  • Through the work of the Individual Services Committee’s sub-regional REACH teams, 216 chronically homeless individuals have been pre-screened for services.  This screening allows for immediate readiness to further engage and assess these individuals for housing and support services now that funding is available.
  • The Data and Performance Measurement Committee continues to oversee the hiring process for a data analyst and a hire will be made within the month.
  • The Community Engagement Committee meets the first time this week and includes 17 members of the Leadership Council.
  • Collaboration with the Western Division Housing Court is underway as county-level meetings between providers and Housing Court are scheduled throughout  November.
  • Outreach to faith-based communities occurred in Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire counties, using Springfield’s Project Homeless Connect as a basis for inspiration and ideas.  Follow-up continues.
  • The Network adopted a new logo and received press coverage in two large dailies (Springfield Republican and Daily Hampshire Gazette; Greenfield Recorder is in process) for its funding awards.

It’s been a busy time of organizing ourselves for service.  Congratulations and thanks to the entire Network for all the meeting time, the emails, the phone calls, the shared conversations, the trouble shooting and the brainstorms that have gotten us to this point.  We are ready to serve.  I look forward to sharing our impact in the months ahead.

–Pamela Schwartz, Regional Coordinator

The documents submitted to ICHH:

Workplan October Update

Steering Committee Report

Family Services Committee Report

Individual Services Committee Report

Data and Performance Measurement Committee Report

Community Engagement Committee Report

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