The meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 10 for the group interested in the family pilot portion of the ICHH proposal will be held at the Holyoke DTA office (100 Front Street, Holyoke, 01040) conference room on the 3rd floor. (Additional directions are at the end of this posting).  The meeting is still scheduled to begin at 10:00.  Bring your lunch if you want to stay later than 12:00! 

I will facilitate the meeting. We will discuss the ICHH grant proposal as it relates to family homelessness and the proposed pilot initatives, budget updates and the next steps in implementing the grant. Work has been done around family homelessness to prepare for the grant submission, but now it is time to bring some of the best thinking together to implement a successful pilot – so if you are interested in being part of this network please come to the meeting.

The Holyoke DTA office is located northeast of Heritage Park/Volleyball Hall of Fame and the Children’s Museum.  There is a parking garage on the corner of Front and Dwight Streets, across from Heritage Park. I believe the cost is still $.25/hr.  The front entrance  to the office is about a block east of the garage.  Walk up the ramp and enter through the glass doors; there you will see an elevator.  Go to the 3rd floor.  The conference room will be on your left – the door should be open.  If it is not, then ring the door bell on the door to the right.  Someone will let you in. 

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