The Western Mass Network to End Homelessness, through its agent PVRVC, has released a Request for Proposals seeking a Data Analyst.  RFP packets are available at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission: 26 Central St, Suite 34, West Springfield through August; and 60 Congress St., Springfield as of the first week of September.  Responses are due September 14, and the hope is to have someone in place by October 1.  The RFP will be published in the Republican and Goods and Services next Wednesday.  Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

From the RFP:

The analyst services sought shall include: database creation and management; regular updating of a regional HMIS database;  the development of local and regional evaluation outcomes measures designed to assess the impact of regional activities toward reducing the incidence and prevalence of homelessness; analysis for the purposes of program monitoring, development, and improvement; creation of mechanisms to regularly report findings to local, regional, state and other stakeholders; and working with the Regional Coordinator to measure and publicize progress toward meeting established goals. 

And a note on process: A number of network members have commented that the 30B procurement process (which is being followed for the hiring of the Data Analyst) is cumbersome and may not be the best way of seeking qualified applicants for the almost-full-time consultant positions.  I went back to PVRVC/PVPC to ask if we can use a different process for the data analyst position, and was directed to the contract between PVRVC and DHCD (on behalf of the ICHH), which requires a public bidding process for any contracts over $25,000.  So, yes, we must use the 30B process, and it has been imposed by DHCD, not PVRVC/PVPC. 

Flawed as it may be, the process found us a terrific regional coordinator, so let’s all keep fingers crossed that it will also yield a great data analyst!

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