In Attendance on 1/6/09:  Karen Belunas, ServiceNet, Jane Banks, CHD, Dave Havens, MHA, Jay Levy, Elliott Services, Andrea Miller, CHD, Dave Modzelewski, DMH, Wanda Rolon, ServiceNet, Tony Pereira, Carson Center, Jerry Ray, MHA, Mark Warren, The Brien Center, Suzanne Smith, Network Data Analyst, Pamela Schwartz, Network Coordinator

Program Updates:

Mental Health Association
:  has screened 19 individuals, 6 are a clear fit for the shelter plus care housing that will be imminently available.  The master lease has been signed, now to HUD for approval.  A total of 11 units for chronically homeless individuals to be available.

Brien Center: hired REACH staff person, Mark Warren.  Ready to place 1 individual within the week; 2 others in process of engagement (total of 6 to be housed: 3 tier 3; 3 tier 4)

2 individuals housed in Northampton, 2 more about to be in Franklin County (total of 12 to be housed:  8 tier 3, 4 tier 4)

Center for Human Development
:  1 housed with Amherst Housing Authority; 1 in process, another stabilized.  Cathy Bennett, REACH staff person, retiring 2/1; Elaine Arsenault will take her place. (total of 4 to be housed, 1, tier 3, 3 tier 4)

Carson Center:
engaged 4 individuals.  Just learned housing that was due to be done construction in May will be delayed until Sept., so now must locate new housing.  Dave M working with Carson Center on this. (total of 5 to be housed – 3 tier 3, 2 tier 4)

Quarterly report and upcoming benchmarks:
We discussed the need to complete the new template for tracking outreach and engagement.  Reports for Oct, Nov. and Dec. will be submitted by the end of Thursday, 1/7, if at all possible, so the data can be incorporated into the quarterly report due on 1/15.

We discussed the creation of new benchmarks for the remaining 3 quarters.  We agreed that the sub-grantees will produce benchmarks for each of the 3 quarters (end of March, end of June, end of Sept.).  Dave M and Suzanne agreed to facilitate the creation of broader benchmarks covering the whole network, e.g., measuring the total # of placements across all 4 counties (whether or not ICHH funded), their length of stay and retention rate.  We agreed on a baseline start date of 4/1/09 since that is the point at which sub-regional REACH meetings were clearly established and the work of placements was underway.  There will also be a measure of the increase in housing inventory through set-aside units, a measure of the increased links to supportive services, and a measure of  the expanded participation of provider agencies across the Network.

We agreed to provide these draft benchmarks to Pamela by 1/25 so she can collate them in preparation for the next committee meeting on 2/1.

We also were reminded (thank you, Andrea) of the importance of completing the MHSA assessment forms and agreed that the time of their completion should occur sometime between enrollment and placement of individuals.  These forms should be sent to Suzanne.

Next meeting: Monday, 2/1/10, 9:30 – 11:00 am, DMH Haskell Building, Northampton.

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