Individual Services Committee Meeting Minutes – 12/6/10

In attendance:  Pam Bennett, BCAC, Danielle DeBerry, Grove Street, ServiceNet, Dave Havens, Mental Health Association, Janice Humason, Friends of the Homeless, Jay Levy, Elliot-CHS Homeless Services, Allison Maynard, SMOC, Dave Modzelewski, Mental Health Association, Jennifer Rousseau, Dept. of Corrections, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Suzanne Smith, data analyst, Eryn Tobin, Catholic Charities, Chris Zabik, Dept. of Mental Health

Discharge Planning Meeting Preparation (for 12/9)

Resource list:  in process, present ideas, Dave M will start.

Janice:  will revise discharge planning guidelines and send to Pamela. Pamela will send out revision with meeting reminder notice tomorrow.

Discussion between CSP and the field – who does what, how do we make it a supportive relationship.

How can we develop a better connection with hospital so we’re an information resource; also allay tension between MDs and social worker staff (MDs can be saying “ready for release”; social workers saying “nowhere to go,” so in fact not ready).  Is there an interim resource/program that needs to be developed, e.g., rest home with some medical beds, to serve this population?   The gap is as much a medical services gap as a homeless services gap – as managed care has ratcheted down number of beds, fewer opportunities, greater need for beds – can’t find a nursing facility that can take the person. Identify these issues, build linkages to other people/institutions. Rehab facilities may be the next logical place – if people come with supports (CSP workers), they might be able to say yes (build confidence they can meet needs).

Meeting goal:  discharges will be appropriate and people will come to shelter with the support they need.  Additionally, recognize there is a pool of people that needs a different public health response – bigger policy issue.  Attempt to gain some allies in this effort.


FOH met last week with Baystate Medical Center staff, using discharge guidelines as impetus.  Good meeting.

HPRP funds (via FOH and Catholic Charities) being spent rapidly.  About 10 months of funding left, maximum.  Supplement resource center, more money towards rehousing.  Funding to follow-up with people.  Housing stabilization.

SMOC – HPRP funding is gone; housed 64 (contract goal was 45).

ICHH RFR Discussion

Committee agreed to recommend to Steering Committee that Network proposal should include some funding for chronically homeless individuals (agreed it would be a small slice relative to family homelessness, which RFR explicitly targets).  Agreed to target Springfield and Friends of the Homeless in view of small dollars and FOH new housing for chronically homeless.  Agreed biggest need is for case management/housing stabilization staff.  Pamela and Jay will bring recommendation to Steering Committee meeting on 12/7 and report back.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, January 4, Berkshire County (Pam Bennett of BCAC to report back on location), 9:30 – 11 am. Agreed to change from regular first Monday meeting in view of 1/3 falling just after holidays.

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