Below is a message from our own Leadership Council member Andrew Baker, coordinator of the  No on 2 campaign in Western Mass.:

Our number one strategy for winning a NO vote on Question 2 is to inform actual voters as they walk to the polls.  Will you hold a NO on 2 sign at your polling place on November 2? You can help in the morning (7:30 – 9:30 am) or the evening (4:00 – 7:00 pm), or both. A few hours during the high traffic time slots will put our message out there when it is most needed and most effective.  I will provide you with poll signs (and palm cards if you want them).

Please email or call me today to let me know that you will hold a poll sign. I can be reached at: [email protected] or 413-625-8465. Include your street address so I can deliver the signs.  (We have tall stakes for visibility so that you can “double hold” if you are also campaigning for a candidate.)  Let me know if you want to hold a sign at your own polling place or if you are willing to travel to a high traffic polling place. I need to hear from you by Sunday, October 31 at the latest to get you a sign.

We can’t afford to lose this one.  If the YES vote wins and the affordable housing law is repealed, it will mean fewer housing opportunities in fewer communities. And we’ll lose jobs and economic activity at a critical time.  I’m counting on you to help make a difference for our seniors and working families.   Many thanks for your help.

Andrew Baker
Western Mass Organizer
Vote NO on 2 Campaign
(413) 625-8465

If you are not able to hold a sign at the polls (or even if you are), please pass this on to your email lists and urge your network to vote NO on Question 2 on November 2nd!

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