At the Leadership Council meeting on October 27, the Network unanimously endorsed NO positions on statewide ballot questions 1 and 3, adding to its earlier endorsement of a NO vote on Question 2.  In this last week before the election, please spread the word to all of your personal and professional networks the urgency of defeating all three of these questions.  A brief summary follows:

Question 1 would repeal the state sales tax on alcohol that was put into effect last year, costing the state $100 million in revenue dedicated to drug and alcohol treatment and prevention programs.  Go to for more information.

Question 2, as we have already addressed, would repeal Chapter 40B, the state’s affordable housing law and a critical tool in the development of affordable housing.  Go to for more information AND email Andrew Baker at [email protected] to sign up for No on 2 sign holding at your area polls.

Question 3 would roll back the state sales tax rate from 6.25 percent to 3 percent, costing the state $2.5 billion in revenue at a time when the state is already facing a $2 billion deficit next year.  The cuts in vital public services for every community would be extreme.  Go to for more information.

Thanks for doing what you can to ensure NO, NO, NO carries the day on November 2nd.

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