CHAPA’s supportive housing bill has passed the Senate unanimously and is pending before the House Committee on Ways and Means (S. 1967).    If you are interested in supporting this important piece of legislation please contact a your legislators and request that they indicate their support to the Speaker and Chairman Dempsey.   Click here for a document that lists legislatorson relevant committees and bill cosponsors.  These are the folks we hope you can reach out to.

An Act Relative to Community Housing and Services

Lead Sponsors: Rep. Kevin Honan and Sen. Pat Jehlen

Goals of Proposed Permanent Supportive Housing Legislation:

The legislation proposes several actions to address the need for permanent supportive housing:

  • A Memorandum of Understanding to be developed among state agencies to identify shared barriers to creating supportive housing, an Action Plan to coordinate the three critical elements, and an assessment of the long-term need for supportive housing.
  • Demonstration Program of 1,000 units or more of permanent supportive housing
  • Establishment of Community Housing Support Service Action Grant through the Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness for supports such as service coordination and Housing Support Teams.

Sample Letters and List of Supporters:

Included here are two sample support letters, one that is more general and one that is focused on homelessness. Please customize these letters as you see fit and submit to legislators.

Click here to access a list of organizations that have expressed support for the proposal.  If you’re not listed but you’d like to be, please email Sean Caron at [email protected].

Thanks to One Family for this announcement!

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