Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2011
In attendance:  Father Stan Aksamit, Our Lady of Peace Parish, Jane Banks, Center for Human Development, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Lynne Wallace, Dietz&Co Architects
Question on the table:  how to engage more LC members?  how to educate on priorities/impact?
On policy matters, Network is in a position of making a statement on policy issues, e.g., HomeBASE, and to encourage partners to take action on issue.  Network does not have resources to be “emergency responder” beyond serving as a conduit to action.
How to engage businesses more?  Ask Gerry: how to engage Springfield 10 year plan business people in Network?  More generally, how to engage business people across region?
How to define engagement?  Hold community forums?  Raise funds…for what purpose?
Plan of action:
Direct phone calls to targeted LC members:
Mayor Bisonnette – Pamela
Tim Brennan – Lynne
Rabbi David – Pamela
Evan Dobelle – Father Stan
Senator Ben Downing – Lynne
Judge Fields – Pamela
Dave Gadaire – Jane (to fill in)
Lori Ingraham – Jane
Bill Messner – Father Stan
Andrew Morehouse – Jane (to fill in)
Jennica Petrik-Huff – Lynne
Paul Robbins – Pamela
Linda Stacy – Father Stan
Amy Swisher – Father Stan
Future conversations:
Sylvia deHaas-Philliips (with Lynne and Pamela to take stock of future community engagement opportunities)
Clare Higgins (political contacts – state representatives –  business, Franklin County United Way)
Gerry McCafferty re turnover of Springfield 10 year plan business people to Network
Thank you to Stan Rosenberg on staff involvement
Dave G will reach out to Senator Knapik’s office.
Outreach conversation to each LC member includes:
What’s your experience of the Network?  Your interactions?  Your impressions of its effectiveness?  Do you subscribe to the blog? Do you read the posts? What do you want to get out of the Network?  What will be engaging for you and how best can you imagine engaging your spheres of influence?

We will discuss our results on 11/7 and use them to frame our LC meeting on 11/30.

Next meeting: Monday, November 7, 9-10:15, senior center

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