Hampden County Diversion Meeting – 3/14/11

In attendance:  Alvina Brevard, DHCD, Marcia Crutchfield, HAPHousing, Ken Demers, New England Farm Workers Council, David Geld, Square One, Yeisie Mateo, DCF, Steve Plummer, Springfield Partners, Jim Reis, HAPHousing, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Rachel Trant, DCF

Review of Diversion Outcome Report:

  • · Will add “sufficient cash income to pay for rent and utilities” to ensure that there is actual income
  • · Add “total”under needs/financial assistance so easy to see dollar amount

Alvina will send final assessment/outcome report to providers.

Documentation verification

DHCD obtains all documents to verify eligibility for EA.  Providers only see families after verification established.

Contract update

ICHH/UWPV signed contract.  Next up: contracts between UWPV

If contracts signed this week, will launch next Monday, 3/21.

Reminder of schedule:

NEFWC (with Juanita) – 5 days/week, 9 am – 2 pm
CHD – Monday
VOC – Wednesday
HAP – Friday (in addition to 6 referral appointments)

In order to ensure tracking of clients served, all agencies (CHD, VOC, HAP, NEFWC) must include each other on release forms.

Ken Demers will create spreadsheet containing following info:

Agency, agency contact person, family name, SSN (last 4 digits), intake date, outcome, amount

Pamela will put document on “google docs” for easy tracking and will send to:

Jane, Rose, Marcia, Jim, Ken, Steve, Alvina

Processing applications

Need to ensure eligibility for funds is qualified  until DCF assessment is complete.

Next meeting:  9 am, 3/28, HAPHousing

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