MA 2018 Youth Count Report
The MA Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness recently released the 2018 MA Youth Count Report. For the full report please click here, and for summary graphs and charts, go here.

Elder Homelessness Report

According to a new study, The Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness: Could Housing Solutions be Funded by Avoidance of Excess Shelter, Hospital and Nursing Home Costs, the population of individuals who are homeless and elderly is expected to nearly triple over
the next decade.

The multi-site study includes Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles County. For Boston, the report states that the number of homeless people age 55 and older will almost triple by 2030 (from 570 in 2017 to roughly 1560). The predicted spike is based on 30 years of existing census data. The report also looked at associated healthcare costs related to this cohort. “Caring for this elderly group in homelessness is going to cost about $5 billion a year – that’s just for their health care and shelter, not to house them,” said Dennis Culhane, the principal investigator of the study.

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