The Network is sponsoring an upcoming training offered by OrgCode, a well-reputed, national training group on ending homelessness, on the issue of Progressive Engagement and Diversion.  

Please see below for the description and for the registration link.  We have a good turn-out of 50 attendees but we reserved a big room (up to 100!) to allow for maximum participation.  So please join us if you can.

Progressive Engagement and Diversion (for all populations)
Thursday, January 31
2 pm – 5 pm
Kittredge Center, Room 301-303
Holyoke Community College

Training Description:
Diversion is often misunderstood as turning people away or saying “no”. That is the wrong mindset. Diversion is about saying “yes” to helping them navigate a safe alternative to shelter that is appropriate to their specific circumstances through an investment of staff time (often dedicated staff) that have specific problem-solving skills and access to flexible resources to put the solution into action.  In this session we will review how Aggressive Engagement should be used when working with persons experiencing homelessness and how Diversion is a critical step in any homelessness response system.  There are nine steps to an effective diversion practice, with each step progressing more deeply into resolving the current housing crisis while concurrently determining if shelter access will be required.

Please register here.

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