The Springfield-Hampden County Continuum of Care (CoC) seeks a nonprofit organization to operate an existing scattered-site transitional housing program for 18 homeless households.

A CoC subrecipient that has operated a scattered site transitional housing (TH) program using CoC funds has declined to accept its most recent CoC grant because the program is now fully funded by the state of Massachusetts. The CoC seeks a new subrecipient to operate the CoC program. The CoC-funded program that has relinquished the grant served survivors of domestic violence, but the grant is not restricted to serving that population.

For any projects that will serve households with youth (18-24) heads of household, the CoC can also make available supportive services funds to be used in conjunction with the CoC grant. This RFP opportunity allows applicants to apply for both sources of funds in this single application, as long as the proposed project will serve the target youth population. Applicants may also apply only for the HUD CoC funds, to serve a different population.

Please see the Request for Proposal for more information: Transitional Housing Program Provider (

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