Community Consortium  Meeting – March 25, 2013

In attendance:  Steve Como, Soldier On, Bob Guerino, Mass Health Operations, Jay Levy, Eliot CHS- Homeless Services, David Modzelewski, Network, Jennifer Moore, Behavioral Health Network, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Julianne Siegfried, UMass, David Smelson, UMass, Jennifer Wuest, Behavioral Health Network

Evaluation Update:

74% of enrollment  goal for the month; 42% of annual goal; over 80% housed, discharges at 65%.  If anyone has specific interests for evaluation factors, let Julianne or Heather know – easy to add a standard data update to community consortium meetings.

UMass update:

Steering committee met – good meeting – will send minutes to this group.  New SAMHSA project officer on board.

Behavioral Health Network:  enrolled another person this week.  Working way through Shelter Plus Care vouchers.  More potential enrollees than vouchers available – will need to address  that in the future.

Question on percentages:  end of March , 6 month mark.  Julianne, Heather and Jennifer will follow-up on this.

Soldier On:  in process of discharging 8 clients from first year.  Continuing to meet and set them up with services, meeting with them monthly, community integration meetings.

Network:  Housing Options Tool (HOT) presented by Andrea to Julianne and David.  Very exciting tool.  Now entering implementation phase with providers.  Need to look at how to create incentive for providers to use tool.  Will discuss data collection points where UMass assistance on evaluation could be helpful.  We should look at the UMass assessment tool and see there are places to adjust to better capture any evaluative data on the use of HOT.  Discussed how the tool won’t necessarily speed up placement but instead improve quality of matches , support services and overall satisfaction.  Julianne will send Pamela current assessment tool to discuss with Andrea and Dave.  Pamela, Andrea and Dave to meet to map out timeline on implementation.  Will report back at next meeting.  Also will look at ways to market this tool through Lt. Governor’s office and other possibilities.

Other updates:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield funded  Mercy Medical Center High End Utilizer Program (UMass supported the application).  Grant update:  2 case managers hired, very active.  Will provide more detailed report at next meeting.

Next meeting:  4/22, 11 am – will determine if call-in is possible.  Likely.

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