Finally our regional homeless service systems are being required to report upon system-wide outcomes: Who is staying too long in shelter, and why? Who becomes homeless again, even after living in a stable housing situation? Who is entering the CoC system for the first time? Most importantly: how can we use this information to guide our practices and improve our outcomes in order to end homelessness once and for all?

We’ll be working with you all over the next few months to figure this out. We’ll rely upon your knowledge and insight to craft our understanding and define our goals. We’ll need your feedback in order to devise ongoing reporting processes and monitoring forms. We’ll seek input from those who are most impacted – and pay them for their time – since insider knowledge will advance our work by leaps and bounds. We’ll recruit skilled consultants to help.

Please email us with your ideas and creative comments! Meanwhile, please review the system-level outcomes that we are required to report upon, and let us know how they advance our goals and how they fall short. Your feedback is important: We want & need to do this right.

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