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Main Topics:
1. History of Fair Housing in Massachusetts and the US
2. Exclusion of Black Persons from Amherst Housing – evidence from archival research and oral history
3. Assuring Access to Affordable Housing
4. Increasing Housing Diversity
5. Beyond Affordable Housing: Normalizing opportunities for access to Amherst housing for persons of color
6. Advocating for Changes at the state level

Our Speakers:
Whitney Demetrius, CHAPA
Michele Miller and Matthew Andrews, Reparations for Amherst
Demetria Shabazz and Isolda Ortega, Racial Equity Task Force of Amherst
Keith Fairey, Way Finders
Jane Loechler, Valley Community Development
Francine Rodriguez, Family Outreach of Amherst
John Hornik, Amherst Municipal Affordable Housing Trust

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Sponsored by: Amherst Affordable Housing Advocacy Coalition, Town of Amherst, League of Women Voters of Amherst

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