I know we’re all anxious to get to the real work of the ICHH grant, but we’re still in start-up mode.  Here’s a status update:

  • We are waiting for a contract from DHCD.
  • We are unable to hire the Regional Cordinator until we have a contract in place.  PVPC has asked that the hiring process be a RFP for consultant services.  The Core Group is revising the job description to fit it into the format of a RFP.  More to come on the RFP review process shortly.
  • The Core Group is working on initial drafts of Articles of Incorporation for the Leadership Council and a Memorandum of Understanding between PVPC and the Leadership Council.  Drafts will be posted to the blog once complete.
  • The Chronic Individual Group is meeting monthly in the four subregions, collecting information in an effort to identify the chronically homeless individuals in our region and begin matching them with housing and service supports.  About 20 units of housing for chronically homeless individuals are coming online in Springfield over the next two months (through the SHA project-based voucher program), so we’re needing to get a jump start on this here.
  • There are multiple conversations taking place about coordination of the new federal prevention and rapid rehouse funds with the regional effort; and there will likely be some meetings soon to talk about what these funds mean for our initiative.
  • The Leadership Council will meet March 25.  At a minimum, I would expect that we’ll be reviewing Articles of Incorporation and the PVPC MOU. I hope we will also be able to address the process for RFP’ing the program funds.
  • We have committed to raise an aditional $110,670 in (cash) matching funds.  This will be a task for both the Regional Coordinator and the Newtwork/Leadership Council.

As a refresher, here is breakdown of our $1,124,894 funding, most of which is program funds:

  • Administration: $226,094
  • Programs/Assistance for Chronically Homeless Individuals: $363,800
  • Programs/Assistance for Families:$535,000

If there are items on the to-do list that you can help wih, please let me know, in the comments, or at [email protected].

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