The Core Group will meet Monday, Feb. 2, to finalize the revised budget we will submit to the ICHH.  The proposed budget is attached at the bottom oof this text.

For those of you who were at the WMIC meeting on Friday, Jan. 30, this is the same budget, but the format has changed a bit to make it clearer.  (Actually, there is one change: for the two staff people, the salaries and fringe are combined in a single amount, and the positions include the word consultant in the name.  The PVPC requires that the positions be hired as consultants.)

At the WMIC meeting, there seemed to be consensus on the amounts allocated to the categories of Administration, Program for Individuals, and Program for Families.

In order to promote the greatest amount of flexibility, leveraging and accountability in the programs, the program budgets provide cost per person of family served, instead of funding for specific new staff positions.  The intent is for multiple programs to work together to provide these services, instead of funding staff at particular agencies.  After a budget and contract are in place, the Core Group will initiate a process to distribute the funds.

Here’s the quick summary:


The ICHH grant will support a fee for our fiscal sponsor and two consultant postions: a program director and a data analyst.  The grant-funded cost of these expenses is $227,299, about 20% of the grant.  We are required to match 50% of the total administrative budget.  A portion of the match has already been committed, but there is still a need to raise about $78,000.

Program for Individuals

The ICHH grant will support REACH services for 38 chronically homeless individuals, who will be placed in public or subsidized housing units.  The cost of this support is $363,550.

Programs for Families

The amount allocated for programs for families is $534,000, and it is proposed that this be used for two purposes.  The amount of $284,000 will support prevention, diversion and rapid rehouse for at least 100 individuals.  A REACH rogram for 8 chronically homeless (Tier 4) families cost $150,000 for program services and will leverage 8 units of public or subsidized housing.

Western Massachusetts Regional Coordinating Network




In-kind Match

Cash match

Source of Match







Start-up costs (already incurred and paid for)






     Consultant services to create regional network

 $        25,000



 $    25,000

One Family, Soldier On, BCAC

     Office space/services for consultant

 $          3,600


 $     3,600


Holyoke Chamber of Commerce

Staff costs






     Program Director: 18-month consultant position

 $     132,600

 $       93,980


 $    38,620

To be  raised

     Data Analyst: 18-month consultant position

 $     100,533

 $       70,000


 $    30,533

To be  raised

     Springfield coordination

 $        21,000


 $   21,000


City of Springfield

     Three-county CoC coordination

 $        12,000


 $     6,000

 $      6,000

In-kind:City of Northampton;            Cash: Community Foundation

     Berkshire CoC coordination

 $        12,000


 $   12,000



Fiscal sponsor (7.5% of grant)

 $        84,364

 $       63,364


 $    21,000

One family, HAP, Davis Foundation

Supporting administrative costs






     CoC data collection, HMIS management & modifications

 $        36,000


 $   36,000


Berkshire, Springfield & 3-County CoCs


 $          4,000



 $      4,000

To be raised

     Consumer outreach & stipend

 $          5,000



 $      5,000

To be raised

     Office space/services for project staff

 $        13,500


 $   13,500









Individuals: Program total :$363,550






     REACH services for 23 Tier 4 participants:






       Cost per participant: Range $9-12,000; Average $11,500

 $     243,800

 $     243,800




     REACH services for 15 Tier 3 participants:






       Cost per participant: Range $7500-8500; Average $7980

 $     119,750

 $     119,750




     38 subsidized housing units

 $     285,000


 $ 285,000


Various housing providers







     Flexible funding program(s) for prevention & rapid rehouse:






       Direct assistance for 100 families: ave. $3200; up to $7500

 $     320,000

 $     320,000




       Payments to programs for administration & staff (20%)

 $        64,000

 $       64,000




    REACH services for 8 Tier 4 families:






      Cost per participant family: Average $12,500/yr.

 $     150,000

 $     150,000




    8 subsidized housing units

 $     120,000


 $ 120,000


Various housing providers


 $  1,752,147

 $  1,124,894

 $ 503,100

 $ 129,199


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