The Hampden County CoC has completed its ranking and selection process for the FY2015 competition. The process was conducted using the guidance approved by the CoC Board of Directors at the September 25, 2015 meeting.

All existing projects are included for renewal, and two new projects have been funded: FOH Coordinated Assessment and Gandara SHINE Rapid Rehousing. Congratulations to the renewal and new projects!

The projects to be included in the FY2015 application are the following:

Tier 1

  1. HMIS, $61,992
  2. Catholic Charities Rapid Rehousing, $47,148
  3. HAP Rapid Rehousing, $135,229
  4. HAP Turning Point, $57,270
  5. HRU Next Step 2, $100,309
  6. MHA Annie’s House, $228,752
  7. VOC Scattered Site Family Supportive Housing, $120,567
  8. MHA S+C 48, $356,223
  9. RVCC S+C 7, $66,551
  10. MHA S+C 12 (Reach 2), $104,376
  11. S+C 5, $47,444
  12. FOH Coordinated Assessment, $250,000
  13. S+C 3, $28,466
  14. RVCC HIV/AIDS Residential Support, $173,654
  15. HRU Next Step, $281,784
  16. Open Pantry Tranquility House, $38,854
  17. FOH Worthington House, $22,679
  18. SMOC Bowdoin Street, $21,594

Tier 2

  1. Gandara SHINE Rapid Rehousing, $129,440
  2. Gandara SHINE Transitional Housing, $189,235
  3. Project Permanence, $142,431

Projects were scored  using the Scoring Guide for Renewal Applications and the Scoring Guide for New Projects. Based on scores, the projects were ranked in order.

The CoC reviewed the ranked projects and made the following decisions in order to carry out CoC priorities:

  • Reduced the renewal grant for MHA S+C 48 from $452,798 to $356,223. Because of the way that HUD funds grants that were originally in the Shelter + Care program, it is common that these grants are over-funded and return funds to HUD each year. This grant reduction enables the grant to serve the same number of people but not have to turn so much back to HUD at the end of the year.
  • The CoC reduced the rank location of Project Permanence. This project does not have a sponsor for the next grant period after its current grant ends April 30, 2016. The City is submitting a renewal grant in hopes of identifying a sponsor in early 2016, but because the continuation of this grant is uncertain, it was ranked last. (The City sought a new sponsor for this program in fall 2015, but did not make an award to a subrecipient.) This change of rank also increased the rank of the only two programs serving youth, and the CoC Application Review Committee decided that it was critical to make sure that the CoC continues to have programs that target this population.

The CoC Application Review Committee was made up of: Alvina Brevard (DHCD), Pamela Schwartz (Western MA Network to End Homelessness), Alicia Zoeller (City of Holyoke), Gerry McCafferty (City of Springfield), Lizzy Malave (City of Springfield), and Maureen Bonavita (City of Springfield). For additional information, contact Gerry McCafferty.

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