Secure Jobs Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2015

In attendance: Ashley Brehm, HAPHousing, Bud Delphin, CareerPoint, Ken Demers, BerkshireWorks, Donna Harris, Franklin Hampshire Career Center, Sean Hemingway, CHD, Johnny Miranda, HAPHousing, George Ryan, Hampden County Regional Employment Board, Ken White, Holyoke Community College

Progress Report
Click  hereherehere and here for HAP’s reports.

In summary: since 7/1, the program has 109% of its enrollment goal (56 enrollees; 51 is goal); has assessed 95 individuals (103 goal) and placed 15 (41 is goal, 37% thus far). On track for meeting all fiscal year goals. Also average wage is increasing to $12-$13/hour. Six of the recent placements are CNA positions.

Ashley reported on a positive site visit meeting with Nancy Sullivan of DHCD and Sue Beaton of Fireman Foundation.

CareerPoint continues with its cohorts based on referrals from HAP (total 53 referred thus far; 26 have completed the program).

Reallocation of Resources
HAP and Franklin Hampshire Career Center met and agreed that shelter referrals were not in sufficient number or type (criteria is not a match for Secure Jobs) to meet the goals initially set by FHCC and that reallocation of resources to Hampden and Berkshire Counties would be appropriate. There is roughly $16K to reallocate. There is a very limited family shelter population in Franklin/Hampshire Counties and Donna has found that their needs are more complex (mental health; substance use) than can be supported by Secure Jobs, i.e., not “ready, willing and able” to participate in the program.

It was noted that Franklin/Hampshire families can still access SJ training dollars on a case-by-case basis as they enter the FHCC system. FHCC will be sure to receive an updated referral form for that purpose.

Phoenix update
Pamela shared that HAP and the Network are involved in providing support to a group in Phoenix trying to get a jobs program for homeless families and individuals off the ground. Barbara Poppe, the consultant working with US ICH (former head of ICH) reached out to us to provide guidance. We are having a web-based meeting with them on November 23. Hats off to our Secure Jobs program for providing inspiration to others!

Policy/Advocacy Discussion
The group reaffirmed its decision to not hold a 3rd annual “Secure Jobs Celebration;” that that model had run its course (very successfully!) and it was time to go a little deeper into the substance of the program and shape our advocacy on more complex challenges. Pamela updated the group on her conversation with Sue Beaton regarding this year’s advocacy and policy agenda where we agreed that right now there is not sufficient clarity to shape an event; that we need to work more internally around our direction, while reaching out to the Administration to invite their participation in the discussion. We agreed that reaching out to Linn Torto, the new executive director of the MA ICHH would be a great place to start since so many of Secure Jobs’ challenges, both in terms of funding (e.g., use of SNAP/ET and TANF dollars) and administration (breaking down silos among agencies) bear on interagency collaboration.

We agreed that Pamela would reach out to Linn and invite her to a Network meeting (may be broader than Secure Jobs in order to maximize her trip out West but Secure Jobs would be featured). Pamela will keep the group posted on next developments.

Next meeting 12/1, Tuesday, 11 – noon, Holyoke Community College, FR309


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