Attendance:  Dave Havens, Jerry Ray, Jay Levy, Dave Modzelewski, Andrea Miller, Wanda Rolon, Pamela Schwartz, Chris Muldrew, Tony Pereira, Suzanne Smith

Discussion and agreement:

1.  The Committee agreed to adopt a monthly reporting mechanism that would allow all of us to keep regular track of our progress (and make it easier to report out to ICHH for our quarterly reports).  We agreed on the following process for adopting a reporting form:

  • Suzanne Smith, the Network’s data analyst, will facilitate the process.
  • She will get to committee members a draft template form by December 14.
  • Committee feedback is due by 12/17.
  • Suzanne will provide final template by 12/18.
  • Providers will complete reports for Oct and Nov. as soon as possible and  send to Suzanne before the Christmas holiday.
  • All providers will email Dec. data to Suzanne prior to 1/4 committee meeting so she can bring collated information to meeting.

There was extensive discussion about how best to capture the stages of involvement in working with chronically homeless individuals,  e.g., assessment, outreach, contract, placement.  These stages will be reflected in the monthly reporting form.

2.  Mapping of housing slots.  The committee agreed it would be extremely useful to have a regional map of all supportive housing slots.  Dave Modzelewski, Suzanne and Andrea will meet to follow-up on this and report back at the next meeting on 1/4.

3.  Dave M shared the new REACH meeting schedule:

  • 2nd Monday of the month:  Westfield, Holyoke/Chicopee: 10 am; Hampshire County: 1 pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month:  Pittsfield: 10 am; Springfield: 2 pm

Next meeting:  Monday, January 4, 9:30 am, DMH Haskell Building

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