Individual Services Committee Meeting – January 19, 2012

In attendance:  Beth Coombs, Treehouse Foundation, Jason Cuyler, Berkshire county Sherriffs office, Danielle DeBerry, ServiceNet, Gena Dube, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Lisa Goldsmith, Dial/Self, Dave Havens, Mental Health Association, Peg Keller, City of Northampton, Ann Lentini, Domus, Inc., Jay Levy, Eliot CHS – Homeless Services, Kim Majewski, Gandara Center, David Modzelewski, Mental Health Association,  Jennifer Moore, Behavioral Health Network, Jordana O’Connell, Holyoke Public Schools, Claudia Phillips, Mercy Medical Center Health Care for the Homeless, Marty Pope, Baystate Medical Center, Wanda Rolon, ServiceNet, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator, Sarah Slautterbach, DESE,  Julia Sullivan, Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, Rani Turner, Treehouse Foundation, Jennifer Wuest, Behavioral Health Network, Kurt Zellen, Northampton VAMC

Presentation on unaccompanied homeless youth:  Many thanks to Lisa Goldsmith of Dial Self for her informative presentation on unaccompanied homeless youth.   Please click here for  “unaccompanied homeless youth notes” containing the information shared (thank you, Lisa!).  She also distributed information around the statewide legislation that would both increase services to this population and study the population and their needs.  It was agreed that the Network could play an advocacy role around this legislation and serve as a resource for furthering collaboration.

Sarah Slautterbach offered information from the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding homeless youth (click here to review).  She also shared information around the Worcester-based Compass pilot project to prevent homelessness among unaccompanied youth and young adults – please click here to see the invitation.

Kim Majewski presented on Gandara Center’s new housing program for unaccompanied youth.  Click here for the brochure.

The Committee agreed to establish a working group on this issue.  Participants will include:  Jordana O’Connell, Holyoke Public Schools, Kim Majewski, Gandara Center, Sarah Slautterbach, DESE, Lisa Goldsmith, Dial Self, Beth Coombs, Treehouse Foundation, Rani Turner, Treehouse Foundation, Danielle DeBerry and Wanda Rolon, ServiceNet.  Pamela will follow-up to coordinate first meeting.  Please let Pamela know if you would like to be involved – everybody is welcome!

Jordana also agreed to reach out to Job Corps to see if they would like to participate in this effort.

Discharge Planning Check-in

General discussion and agreement that network meetings are helpful to stay connected and build collaborations.  The communication is critical.

Important to record if homeless in paperwork at hospitals – can be challenging.

Health Care for the Homeless received Blue Cross/Blue Shield grant that involves 5 hospitals  that will look at high end users of hospital emergency services – will follow individuals with excessively high costs.

Observation that hospitals are seeing more elderly homeless in ER .  Not necessarily appropriate for shelter  with particular medical needs, etc .  Agreed we would put this issue on next month’s agenda.

SAMHSA  Grant Update

BHN putting together 2 teams of case manager/peer counselor to treat chronically homeless, dually diagnosed adults.   Will provide wrap-around care coordination services.  Network is coordinating housing. Soldier On serving veteran population.

Goal is to have 2-3 participants enrolled by beginning of Feb.  REACH group via Dave Modzelewski is serving as point group/person for referrals to program.  Please click here for REACH referral form.  EVERYBODY welcome to refer.

Update on Samaratin Inn Outreach:  Peg Keller, working with Wanda and Danielle,  will reach out to Ann Lentini to help build collaboration with Samaratin.

Leadership Council with the Region’s Mayors

Pamela updated the group on the upcoming quarterly Leadership Council meeting on 1/25 that will include attendance of 8 of the region’s city leaders:  Mayors of Chicopee, Easthampton, Greenfield, Springfield, West Springfield, Northampton, Holyoke and the town manager of Amherst.  The meeting will focus on welcoming and orienting leaders to the Network, explaining “housing first” and inviting them to join the Leadership Council as partners in the effort.  Pamela will keep everyone posted – subscribe to the blog for the update, as well!

Next meeting

2/16/12, 10-11:30 am, Northampton Senior Center

Agreed we will meet 3rd Thurs. of the month at same time and place through the winter season at least.


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