Dear Leadership Council and Network Partners:

As you may know, the House budget did not include the Governor’s proposal for $1 million in funding for regional networks statewide.  This funding is critical to the sustainability of the Western Massachusetts Network.  The Senate is in the process of crafting its budget now, due to be released by mid-May.  NOW is the time to weigh in with your Senator regarding the importance of continued support for the Network.   Click here for a factsheet highlighting some of the Network’s accomplishments.  It focuses on the Network’s role in the family homelessness crisis since due to the budget demands and the extraordinary rise in numbers, the Network’s role in this issue may speak most loudly to Senators.  However, to the extent you are involved in individual homelessness and any other issue which connects you to the Network, by all means, make note of your experience and the Network’s impact.  Your personal stories matter most.

The bottom line message:  we are asking the Senate to support the Governor’s House 2 Budget Line item 7004-0109 to provide for $1 million in funding for regional networks.  This relatively small investment provides a huge return on the millions the State is investing in ending homelessness.

Please call or email your Senator by the end of this week.   Contact information is below.   Together, your 2 minutes could make the difference in a Senator’s vote, and ultimately in the Network’s existence.

Thanks so much,

Pamela Schwartz, Director
Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness

Sen Steve Brewer 617-722-1540
Sen Gale D. Candaras 617-722-1290
Sen Benjamin B. Downing 413-442-4008
Sen Michael R. Knapik 617-722-1415
Sen Stanley C. Rosenberg 617-722-1532
Sen James Welch 617-722-1660

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