Per Bob Pulster, the new target date for a contract between PVPC and DHCD is the first week of April.

PVPC has indicate that it would like us to hire the Regional Cordinator through a RFP for consultant services.  The Core Group has turned the previously-published job description into a RFP.   Please review and let us know your thoughts.

The RFP spells out the Consultant’s Scope of Services in much greate detail than has been done before.  Please pay particular attention to the scope, which I have copied here:

Task 1.0    Work with the Leadership Council chair and vice-chair to educate and inform the Leadership Council about the network’s mission, and to create and implement Leadership Council initiatives that support the mission.

 Task 2.0    Work with the Leadership Council and PVPC to develop and implement a process for distribution of ICHH grant funding to providers in our region.

 Task 3.0    Work with the Leadership Council to raise approximately $100,000 in matching funds for the ICHH grant and to develop a strategy for generating ongoing financial support for the WMHN.

 Task 4.0    Create and implement strategies to build collaboration and use of common evidence-based strategies throughout the region by providers of services to households that are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

 Task 5.0    Maintain and regularly update the WMHN blog/website.

 Task 6.0    Develop and implement a public awareness campaign about ending homelessness in Western Massachusetts.

 Task 7.0    Together with the consultant Data Analyst, develop and implement tools for assessing results of interventions funded under the ICHH grant, and report and make recommendations to the Leadership Council on any changes that may be necessary to meet WMHN goals.

 Task 8.0    Attend regular meetings with the WMHN leaders and PVPC to discuss plans and progress for the tasks outlined above.

 Task 9.0    Attend monthly meetings of the WMIC and provide updates on the progress made in the tasks outlined above.

 Task 10.0  Provide staff support to the Leadership Council, including scheduling and preparing materials and subject matter for quarterly meetings, and facilitating subcommittee work.

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